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Project Description
This project aims to provide an agreeable interface to DirectX (D3D, D2D, music, video) to C# developers, by wrapping it in a WinRT C++/CX component.

Warning To compile and run this you will need Visual Studio 2012 running on Windows 8.
There are no other (software) dependency though: download, open, F5, run! :)
(You will still need a DirectX9,10,11 capable video card, depending on the samples)

The D2D wrapper is already quite functional and can be used now, the D3D wrapper is still very much work in progress. There is no sound wrapper at the moment.

There is no pre-packaged version at this stage, but the source his here on CodePlex: source code.

On my blog I go into details about my progress so far, the underlying choices, classes, etc...
Other that that:
And some screen shots from the samples:

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