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To start DirectX graphic (with my API) one just initialize a DXContext and set a target, like so

var ctxt = new DXContext();
ctxt.Target = (IRenderTarget) ...;

There are 3 types of target to choose from (so far):


Target can even be changed while drawing (for example draw first on a Texture2D, which then can be used in the final scene).


DXTargetSwapPanelOrWindow wrap a SwapChainBackgroundPanel in XAML application.
Of interest DXUtils.Scenes.ScenePanel initialize DirectX, create a Target and call render on every frame.


Then one can draw, for each frame, with pseudo code like that

void Draw(DXContext ctxt)
    ctxt.Render = true;

    var g3 = new D3DGraphic(ctxt)

    var g3 = new D2DGraphic(ctxt);

    ctxt.Render = false;

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