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Windows App Certification Kit failed for Sample03_ModelLoader


Direct3D Trim after Suspend

•Error Found: The Direct3D Trim after Suspend test detected the following errors:
◦One or more applications in the package did not call Trim() on their DXGI Devices while being suspended.
•Impact if not fixed: If the app does not call Trim on its Direct3D device, the app will not release memory allocated for its earlier 3D work. This increases the risk of apps being terminated due to system memory pressure.
•How to fix: The app should call the Trim API on its IDXGIDevice3 interface anytime it is about to be suspended.
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General metadata correctness test

•Error Found: The general metadata correctness test detected the following errors:
◦The overloaded methods Close of type DXBase.D2D.GeometrySink in file C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\0d327ff4-08a9-4046-b994-c5a94ec89875_1.1.0.3_x86__3bchra2a6zg9g\DXBase.winmd have the same number of in parameters without one that has DefaultOverloadAttribute. Exactly one method overload must have DefaultOverloadAttribute.
•Impact if not fixed: Windows store doesn't allow apps that don't pass Windows Runtime Metadata Validation.

•How to fix: Please ensure that the compiler you are using to generate your Windows Runtime types is up to date with with the Windows Runtime specifications.